Rarely is our mental, physical, and spiritual strength so tested as when we experience the loss of a loved one. At Serenity, our commitment to live one’s journey is embedded not only in our mission, but in everyday encounters.

Our Memorial Fund is dedicated to meeting the needs of those living at Serenity Assisted Living, Inc. Since Serenity’s inception in May of 2006, the administration continues to seek ways to support individuals to live their lives to the fullest throughout the aging process. Today’s health-care environment and increasing cost of living make it more and more difficult to provide the extra special touches to support the needs of the diverse community of senior adults and those with disabilities. We invite you to partner with us so we might continue to provide the types of care that go beyond what is required to enrich and bless the lives of those we care for. Honor your loved one by considering a gift to the Serenity Memorial Fund.

The Serenity Memorial Fund appreciates donations from individuals, private businesses, publicly-held corporations and other philanthropic agencies, as well as granting agencies. Memorials help us remember the life of a loved one after their passing; they may have spent their last days on earth at Serenity. They come to be loved and cherished by those who care for them and those who live as their neighbors and friends at Serenity.

Donations can be sent to:
Serenity Assisted Living
1125 Oakview Drive
Dilworth, MN 56529

You can also add donations to the piggy bank “Tips for Treasures”. Our piggy banks sit in the dining room tables during coffee hour and you are welcome to put in your loose change when visiting.

Items we have been able to purchase from the Memorial Fund are:

  • Dottie Minnis Seasonal Room
  • Handicap-accessible front door
  • Courtyard pergola and extended patio
  • Nintendo Wii and games
  • Movies and games
  • Video camera
  • Baby grand piano
  • Trees around our campus

Our “angels” of Serenity watch over us daily. A commemorative mural of our “angels” can be found in each campus. Be sure to check it out!


With the help of the Minnis family and friends, Serenity added the Dorothy Minnis Seasonal Room at the East Campus. An entire space of amenities, such as a big-screen television with surround sound, a cozy fireplace, and wall-to-wall windows of natural light was made possible with generous donations. Our ladies and gentlemen use the space for card games, intimate meals with family and friends, exercise and watching the big Sunday football game.