Financial Options

All individuals have unique situations and financial options must be personalized for each person’s needs. Serenity encourages you to seek independent financial advice as you explore your options for you or for a loved one.

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Personal savings, investments and social security can provide the money necessary to cover the costs of senior living. For many seniors their home is their nest egg and can also provide the money necessary to cover the costs of senior living once it is sold.


If you happen to have long term insurance, check with your agent to see if you may qualify to take advantage of your benefits by living at Serenity Assisted Living.


Serenity offers clients who qualify, an opportunity to live here for at or below market rates. There are several apartments between both campuses that are available for clients interested in these private accommodations. The state of Minnesota and Clay County has a few programs that can assist you if you are running low on funds. If you have any questions on these programs or if you would like more information please call Clay County Adult Services at 218-299-5200 or call the Senior LinkAge Line® at 1-800-333-2433 for a free consultation with a team of experts.

*This program is limited a certain amount of available apartments.

Veterans receive priority consideration. Subject to the income and eligibility qualifications as determined by Serenity Assisted Living. The Veteran’s Administration also offers a benefit that can assist in covering the cost of senior living. The benefit is available to veterans and surviving spouses who qualify. Please contact your representative at the Veteran’s Administration for more information.

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