Appropriate placement in our assisted living will be assured through the determination of Serenity’s nurse’s and administration, your personal physicians, social services, individuals, and/or family members. The criteria for placement includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Individual is able to ambulate (move about) independently or utilize assistive devices (such as a walker or wheelchair) with minimal assistance from another person. Must be able to evacuate in case of an emergency.
  • Is able to eat without assistance.
  • Is able to participate in activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, grooming, walking, etc.
  • Is able to care for their own toileting needs. May require assistance with incontinence management for bladder care by wearing a control product.
  • May need general oversight regarding medication through the setup of an RN.
  • Behavior does not create a risk for injury to self or others.
  • Does not abusively use medication or alcohols.
  • Is able to participate in planning, coordination and decision-making regarding personal schedule, health, and their welfare.
  • General health is stable and manageable.
  • Must have a local physician.
  • Must comply with Serenity’s Policies and Procedures and realize that 24-hour supervision does not mean “one-on-one” supervision.
  • Must have a documented physical examination within 90 days prior to admission.
  • Before admission, the individual must submit a copy of their health history and physicians orders to the administration.
  • If an individual exceeds one (1) or more criteria, he / she will be reassessed for the proper level of care.

Anyone moving into a Registered Housing with Services setting in Minnesota must call the Senior LinkAge Line® for long-term care options counseling. You will receive a verification number. Write this number down and put it in a safe place, you will need it before moving in. Please call the Senior LinkAge Line® at: 1-800-333-2433 or download some more information here.